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Required Concussion Certification - 02/03/2012

Effective April 1, 2012, GGSRA requires all officials to obtain certification for recognizing Concussion in sports, and its impact on youth player.

CDC, Center for Disease Control, and NFHS, the National Federation of State High School Associations have teamed up to provide this FREE online course to all coaches, officials, parents and students.

To access the course you must:

To access the NFHS course go to:

CDC website:

Concussion Information - 01/22/2012

In the past two years NFHS has introduced new rules to protect athletes who may have received a concussion as a result of a head injury. Now California Law AB 25 requires schools to implement a head injury protocol and a concussion and head injury information sheet be signed and returned by the athlete and his/her parent or guardian. A player removed from play due to a concussion or suspected concussion must be evaluated by a licensed health care provider (trained in the management of concussions) and receive written clearance before participating in practice, play or competition.

While these changes help protect our student athletes, they also place additional burdens on referees who must assess a situation quickly. The Centers for Disease Control has a number of excellent documents on the topic. So please take a few moments and review the information at: CDC Concussion Information