SACMAL - Playing Rules

  1. Rules follow NFHS Rules except where noted below.
  2. Duration of Half
    • 35 minutes
  3. Teams must wear distinctly different colors.If the referee determines that the colors are too similar the home team is required to change.
  4. For Co-Ed Matches
    • For CoEd matches, field players must be 5 Males and 5 Females.
    • GK can be either. If a Team only has 4 Males, they can add a female player.
    • If a Team is short a female player, they cannot replace that position with another male player.
  5. Ties stand for League play.

Middleschool CoEd Playoff Rules

  1. In Playoff Games, 2 Officials will be assigned. League Rules apply with exceptions below.
  2. If a Playoff Game ends in a tie, the Teams will play 2-5 minute Overtime (OT) Halves (No Golden Goal).
  3. If still tied after OT, a Shootout per NFHS Rules will be used.
  4. Teams must alternate Male-Female Players until one Team is declared the winner.
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